Broadcom ValueOps: Empowering Program Management with Enhanced Hierarchy

Amidst the buzz of Agile transformation and ‘new ways of working,’ it’s understandable that companies relying on traditional Project and Program Management practices might feel left behind. But with Clarity, a key component of Broadcom’s ValueOps solution, Program Management is not just catching up; it’s leaping ahead with unprecedented power and efficiency!

When Broadcom introduced the modern UI in 2017, some organizations couldn’t fully embrace it due to the lack of a program management feature. As a result, they continued to rely on the Classic PPM interface, missing out on numerous new features. However, over the years, Broadcom has enhanced the Hierarchy module, offering a comprehensive view of program and child project details that far surpasses the functionality of the classic Program NPIO.

So, if there is no Program Object, how is it possible that Program management is better? Two components make this true: Custom Investment Types (CITs) and Hierarchies.

  • Custom Investment Types (CITs): This unique feature of Clarity allows you to create custom program types, enabling program management within the modern UI. With a CIT, all the functionalities available at the project level (like WBS management, financials, risk management, etc.) become available for your program as well. Linking child projects to the program is simple – just set the “Parent” attribute on the project.

  • Hierarchies: This is where the magic happens! To unlock the power of your program, simply create a Hierarchy by defining the relationships between the program and its child projects. Import the program CIT and auto-import the children. Your program structure will then magically appear before your eyes!

With the Hierarchy module, you gain a comprehensive view of your program and all its children projects. You can see a combined Gantt chart of the program and all its children projects in a single view. There are also options to see the program’s schedule in a calendar, board, or list view. (Hot tip: filter this page to show only milestones and you have a quick way to communicate key events during the program’s execution.)

You can see a status summary of all the children projects to get a quick overview of the program’s health. Widgets can give you a quick visual representation of the program’s health without building custom reports!

With Clarity’s modern UI, managing your program’s financials is a breeze. A detailed and roll-up view of the program’s financials is readily available without having to chase down project managers. All program and child project-level financials can be viewed in the financials table and change request pages. Everything you need to manage your program is at your fingertips, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive your program’s success!

If program management has been a factor in your organization’s reluctance to migrate away from Classic PPM, it is time to rethink that decision. Program management has been empowered in Clarity’s modern UI, and a world of usability enhancements are ready and waiting for you! These enhancements include a more intuitive user interface, streamlined workflows, and advanced reporting capabilities.

If you are interested in exploring a modern UI transition, reach out to Winmill PPM today to discuss it! We have helped countless organizations make the move, and they have never looked back! Empower your program management with Winmill PPM’s comprehensive services. We go beyond implementation, offering a full range of solutions, including health checks, prototype implementations, training, and ongoing managed services. Explore our services and discover how Winmill PPM can transform your program management!

About the author

Doug Kalkowski

With over 17 years of hands-on experience, Doug is Winmill's Broadcom Practice Manager and a certified Clarity PPM Knight. He's not just a tech whiz who's built countless reports, portlets, and interfaces – he's also a seasoned consultant who knows how to translate Clarity's power into real-world business solutions. Doug's diverse project portfolio spans industries from finance to aerospace, so he understands the unique challenges you face. When he's not optimizing PPM processes, you'll find him on the sidelines cheering on his daughter, exploring new destinations, or enjoying the great outdoors.